Estate Planning – A Wealth Management service from Mutual Pointe.

Mutual Pointe understands the very daunting task of undertaking preparing for dispersion and disposal of your assets when the end of your life arrives. Using various devices such as Wills, Gifting Strategies, Powers of Appointment, Beneficiary Designations and others, Mutual Pointe can create a personalized Estate Plan with you and your families best interests in mind.

Estate Planning at All Life Stages

Mutual Pointe, Houston based Wealth and Financial Advisors aims to create personalized, client-centric estate planning. Whether you are in the early stages of family planning, or preparing for late retirement, our financial advisors are here to help you prepare for and create a personalized plan for disposing of your assets and investments, while striving to create a stable and stress-free process for your loved ones in the event of your passing.

*Mutual Pointe Wealth Advisors do not provide Legal OR tax advice.

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